Liverpool St Helens continued their poor end to the season with a heavy defeat against third place club Didsbury.

Although the home side always looked the most dangerous, sadly as so often in recent games, LSH were the architects of their own demise. If anything, although going behind 3-0 to an early penalty, the Moss Laners had had the best of the game as it approached the 35 minute mark before disaster struck. Whilst attacking down the right wing the ball was lost 20 yards short of the Didsbury line and was picked up by the Didsbury left winger who ran 80 yards unchallenged to score. Two minutes later a penalty was added to the conversion to give the home side a 13-0 lead at half time.

The second half saw the unveiling of the third runway close to the nearby Manchester Airport, in a straight line down the Didsbury left wing to the LSH try line, as the speedy winger scored three more rapid tries from distance to take the game away from LSH. Alex McClurg showed what night have been with a neat try to make it 32-7 before the Toc H lads ran in three more scores to bring up the half century.

On the plus side, 17 year old winger Sam Walker in only his second start showed good pace when given the chance and amidst the onslaught, former colts Paddy Royle, Sam Ward and Dan Webster put in a decent shift for their club and get better with every game.  

Team 15 Kean 14 Walker 13 Cunliffe M 12 Wilson 11 Johnston 10 McClurg 9 Fearns 1 Gore 2 Houlton 3 Heywood 4 Royle

5 Forster 6 Arnold 7 Ward 8 Webster. 16 Metcalfe 17 Hall 18 Donlevy.

John Williams