Liverpool St. Helens Football Club traces its origins to 1857 when Liverpool Football Club was formed, making it the oldest open rugby club in the World.  It provided three of the England XX that played Scotland in the first ever International in 1871 at Braeburn Place, Edinburgh.  In 1914 the club had three International captains in the 1st XV, Ronnie Poulton (later Poulton-Palmer) with England, F.H. Turner for Scotland and R.A. Lloyd of Ireland.  Internationals who played for Liverpool more recently include Fran Cotton, Maurice Colclough, Mike Slemen and Kevin Simms.

St. Helens RUFC was founded in 1919 as St. Helens Old Boys, the original membership being predominantly old students of Cowley School, a powerful rugby institution to this day.  Internationals who played for the club include Alan Ashcroft, John Horton, Nigel Heslop and the current club President Ray French who has the rare distinction of International honours in both League and Union.

Liverpool and St. Helens merged  in 1986 and play at Moss Lane the former St. Helens club’s ground.  In the early years of the merger the club had two seasons in National Division One separated by one in Division Two.  But thereafter it sank to Division Four and spent virtually the whole of  the 1990s coming to terms with the new age of professionalism and the new order in the game.  During its time in the upper strata it furnished home international players in Dewi Morris (England) and Simon Mason (Ireland).  

The club eventually sank to North 2 West . But after a two year stay, won promotion back to North One at the end of the 2006-7 season after winning the North 2 West championship with ease. Success was short lived with relegation back to North 2 West .

Season 2009-10 found us in the newly constituted fourteen team North One West Division, up from twelve teams. We finished second in the Division last season and also season 2011-2012.

During its time in the lower Division the club became fully amateur, assuming CASC status.